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Samuel Davies, Your AU-DE Trainer


Do you notice the challenges Australians and Germans experience in their communication with each other?

Samuel Davies, Your AU-DE Trainer

Do you know how cultural diversity impacts your international business?

Having team members from different cultural backgrounds has the potential to increase your profits by 33% of your current earnings. Not understanding how their culture influences their behaviour, however, is the main reason why three from every four international ventures fail.

Through the institutions and influential members in our community, we develop a collective understanding of how to communicate with people. People from different societies learn different expectations. Until your team members know the values their counterpart expresses in their communication, they risk interpreting the communication from their own perspective. The mismatch between intention and impact results in misunderstandings that limit the potential of intercultural relationships and the productivity of your company.

From North to South Germany, I know what your German counterparts commonly expect in their communication with you. I have built this awareness through studying courses about their culture, working for intercultural trainers and by reflecting on five years of experience in four federal states of Germany. I can answer the question of "What differences can be observed?" from our perspective, and more importantly, the question of “Why can they be observed?” from their perspective. My insights into the German and Australian culture can provide both parties with the empathy needed to appreciate each other's differences.

Do you want your intercultural team to be one of the few that work to each other's strengths, instead of remaining caught in frustration? And do you want to feel understood in your communication with your headquarters or subsidiary in Germany? Then contact me. I will offer your staff the knowledge, attitudes and competence they need to work better together.

I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which I work and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.
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