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Testimonials, Samuel Davies, Your AU-DE Trainer


The five years of my career in Germany were a pathway of self-discovery between various cities:

  • As a law intern at a subsidiary of RWE in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Leading the HR Department of a national organisation in Bremen

  • As an intern at a recruitment agency in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg for cross-cultural trainers

  • As the Personal Assistant of a CEO of an intercultural consultancy in Nuremberg, Bavaria

Samuel Davies, Your AU-DE Trainer

"Mr. Davies´ genuine interest in building relationships with his colleagues opened him the doors to also meet their family members. We will miss the enthusiasm and humility that he brought into group conversations and support his change to HR."

- Gordon Dreyer, Senior Expert Corporate Law

Samuel Davies, Your AU-DE Trainer

"Mr. Davies created a national onboarding process which led to a more personal and effective integration of newly recruited members. We are thankful for his valuable support as HR-Leader of our location in Bremen".

- Anton Penner, Board of Directors at bonding e. V.

Samuel Davies, Your AU-DE Trainer

"Mr. Davies performed his duties with a high level of commitment, initiative and precision. With these qualities and great enthusiasm, he was able to convince us of ideas which he had proposed for the growth of the company."

Steffen Henkel, CEO of crossculture academy

Samuel Davies, Your AU-DE Trainer

"Thanks to Samuel´s conscientiousness and tenacity in seeing this project through to the end, Milemark Communication has gained a true competitive advantage."

Daniel Donahey, CEO of Milemark Communication

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